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Geoff Bland

Research Engineer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Geoff Bland began development of small unmanned aircraft and instrument systems for Earth science research in 1993. Activities have included platform and systems design, fabrication and test, including several pioneering unmanned aircraft utilizing then-unique electric propulsion. Development of instrument packages has focused on miniaturization, and several remote sensing and in-situ sensor systems have been, or will be flown, on NASA and commercially provided platforms in support of several collaborative research projects.

Bland is also active in the development of alternative platforms and associated instrumentation. Tethered blimps and kites have been incorporated in research and educational activities, and Bland is actively engaged in collaborative activities in a growing community of users and system developers. Education is also a core focus of Bland's work, including the recent introduction of a series of novel aquatic surface craft for hands-on training in technology, operations, and scientific investigation.

As a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program sub-topic manager for Airborne Measurement Systems, Surface and Sub-Surface Measurement Systems, and Unmanned Aircraft and Sounding Rocket Technologies, Bland works closely with numerous NASA centers and companies. University collaborations are also a key component in the effort to bring new capabilities to in-situ and remote sensing research.