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Rise Above and Connect through

America's two windows

American consumers engage life through two pieces of glass —  car windows and smartphones. Brought to us by the two most popular inventions in human history — the automobile and the cellular phone — these windows have enabled unprecedented economic growth.  
Recent data show that most consumers spend nearly eight (8) hours each day motoring down the road, or surfing the web, engaging on social media or shopping online.  In short, we spend most of our waking hours searching for answers through the one piece of glass or the other.
However, the view through either lens is often cluttered, shrill, fake, or worse, leaving marketers with a nearly impossible task of reaching skeptical consumers in an efficient and authentic way. Until now.
At Ryan Media Lab, we have in invented the ATOM 4000, our Dronalism and Dronevertising system.  To enable marketers to Rise Above the horizon of clutter along our roadways AND to Connect you directly with your social media audiences. The ATOM 4000 proved its powerful capability during tests by engineers under extreme conditions in the laboratory (Virginia Tech) and during live performances in public by professional pilots (Virginia, Delaware and Florida).
With Ryan Media Lab, you will Rise Above with our one-of-a-kind outdoor aerial advertising AND Connect via unique social engagement media properties -- simultaneously.
How does it work?  Simple: we have created a unique Tethered Unmanned Drone Flight Control System ("Patents Pending") that integrates drones and aerostats.  What do you get?  Simply amazing connections with your audience in public or online: the video and telecommunications power of drones with space-age aviation agility, streaming valuable action content to your social media audiences — the new tech — Plus, the real-life visibility of modern-age aerostats (or blimps) — think constant branding presence, illumination at night and during dark days, plus connectivity via Wi-Fi for hyperlocal audiences.  The synergy produces a powerful delivery system that connects you to the consumer like no one else can. 
We seek help, we learn, we shop, we love, we laugh, all through one or the other lens.  Let us help consumers find you in the 21st Century.  Please read further to see how Ryan Media Lab can offer you the benefits of a Drone Media and PR Leader.
Rise Above and Connect With Ryan Media Lab.  


      Mark A. Ryan, Founder and CEO.  --