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Chuck Hoge

Executive Director, North Dakota State University Research and Technology Park

“I wholeheartedly endorse the SeeSPAN (now Ryan Media Lab) application (Docket No. FAA-2015-1571) and urge approval by FAA at the earliest possible time. I am the Executive Director of the North Dakota State University Research and Technology Park. As such, I am involved with companies that are doing research in this space. In my opinion, the work proposed by SEESPAN (now Ryan Media Lab) also warrants an authorization to proceed. Thank you very much for your consideration.”

Bill Schuster

former Chief Operating Officer, GeoEye

“I enthusiastically support and urge the FAA to grant the petition put forward by SeeSPAN (now Ryan Media Lab) (Docket No. FAA-2015-1571)…I firmly believe that approval of the SeeSPAN system provides a significant step forward in the efforts to safely integrate sUAS into the National Airspace System (NAS). The RML tethered system restrains and controls sUAS flight from the ground and thus prevents an sUAS from entering the National Airspace System (NAS), and also prevents lateral mishaps due to loss of control or system failure. “The RML tethered system has proven performance. Flight testing has demonstrated that it stops a runaway sUAS immediately, and can fly a lateral distance of more than 1 kilometer. The system allows immediate intervention and positive control over the sUAS throughout flight.”

Greg Walden

Executive Director, on behalf of the Small UAV Coalition

The Coalition supports SEESPAN's (now Ryan Media Lab) request to cover news, entertainment and sporting events…In Coalition comments on the FAA's sUAS proposed rule, we urged the FAA to allow small UAV operations over non-involved persons with appropriate conditions and limitations, noting that without such permission news gathering operations using a UAS would not be practical. As a result, news operations would continue to operate manned helicopters to cover breaking news events, increasing the safety risks to persons on the ground as well as to helicopter operators. 

The Coalition notes that manned helicopters are allowed to operate below the minimums set forth in section 91 .119 if the operation is conducted "without hazard to persons or property on the ground" and in compliance with any routes or altitudes the FAA may prescribe for helicopters." 14 C.F.R. §91.119(d). We note that SEESPAN (now Ryan Media Lab) will use a tethered UAV that has been tested in both laboratory and in the field, and agree with SEESPAN that a tether is a functional equivalent of a barrier…Accordingly, the Coalition supports SEESPAN's petition for exemption. 

(Note: Members of the Small UAV Coalition include — AirMap, Amazon, Flirtey, Google, Intel, Kespry, PrecisionHawk, Verizon Ventures, Walmart.)