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Broadcast & Cable Article.  “Keeping Drones — And Safety Concerns — Tethered.”

"Eight out of the 10 most populated cities in the world are along a coast, so this is applicable for all of those cities and all of the populations along the coast," says Kyle Ryan, a partner at Ryan Media Lab – a Delaware-based drone communications outfit that was involved in organizing Wednesday's event. "[Drone delivery] allows for instant humanitarian relief within minutes and without having to worry about logistics."

“Can your family discuss drones at length over the dinner table? This family can.”

“The technology, which was tested in Wise, VA, last weekend for the “Let’s Fly Wisely” Health Fair, will allow the drone to get closer to people and objects more safely.”

Ryan Media Lab, “an aerial interactive media startup company, also participated in research flights at the event to advance uses of unmanned aircraft in capturing video.”