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Alan P. Dozier

Alan P. Dozier Business Advisory Services, LLC

Mr. Dozier has an extensive healthcare background including OTC/consumer healthcare, medical equipment, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medical retail. He also has experience in consumer durable products, including sports optics and hardware/hand tools as well as business services experience in debt recovery. 

Mr. Dozier has a broad commercial background with expertise in developing and executing business growth strategies, plans and programs and ensuring that the necessary structure and capabilities to support growth are in place. He has particular expertise in developing and executing new distribution initiatives to expand market coverage. 

Mr. Dozier has extensive experience in managing the integration of acquisitions, in consolidating businesses to leverage infrastructure and in business restructuring. He was a key driver in the successful hearing instruments roll-up, GN ReSound, which grew from a $50 million niche business to a $550 million global company. 

Mr. Dozier also has significant background in scaling manufacturing, in plant consolidation, improving manufacturing efficiencies and in building integrated supply chain capabilities. These initiatives were driven by cost reduction and margin improvement as well as market competitiveness and customer loyalty.

Specialties: OTC/Consumer Healthcare, Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Retail, Consumer Durables, Business Services

Sean Branagan

Director, Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Syracuse university

Sean Branagan established the Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship in 2011. The center offers courses, consulting and connections to encourage students to start digital media ventures, and to engage Newhouse alumni.

Sean is a serial entrepreneur, interactive marketer and evangelist for innovation and startups. He is founder and president of Communigration, Inc., a technology marketing firm and creator and commissioner of Student Startup Madness, a national tournament for college student startups. He also holds board and advisory board positions with several early-stage tech companies and serves on a number of charitable boards.

A graduate of the Newhouse School in 1980 with a degree in magazine, Sean has started lifestyle businesses, small businesses and high-tech companies; had a profitable exit from one; and became part of an Internet roll-up business that bought 10 companies in 18 months and was later sold to Time Warner Cable. Along the way, he served as senior director of marketing for a $125 million Internet services company in Boston’s Route 128 corridor; head of e-commerce strategy and interactive marketing for a New York City public company; and corporate communications manager for a publicly traded distribution company.

Sean has taught a graduate-level course in interactive marketing and advertising at Newhouse as well as other courses at Syracuse University, including “What’s the Big Idea?” and a course on online retailing and interactive marketing at the Whitman School of Management. He served for five years as Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at the Technology Garden, helping start-up and early stage technology companies in Upstate New York. He has been instrumental in SU's award-winning Student Start-up Accelerator (a Kauffman-funded initiative), where he's developed programs and courses and coached and mentored student startups.

He is a founding member and board member of the Famous Entrepreneurs Series; a certified facilitator and veteran coach with the Pre-Seed Workshop; mentor with a new TechStars accelerator in Upstate New York; and a consultant to venture funding groups on digital media and online business.

Mikel Frazee

CEO, Solutions Engineering Company