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Arthur Trembanis

Director at Coastal Sediments Hydrodynamics and Engineering Lab at university of delaware

Art's interests are in the observation and modeling of coastal morphodynamics, the morphological interplay of hydrodynamics (waves and currents) with sediment and seabed features (morphology).  Additional interests include beach morphology and nourishment practices, decadal-scale coastal behavior, barrier island morphology and storm response, scour processes, oceanographic observing systems, and the use and development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs).

Art directs the Coastal Sediments Hydrodynamics & Engineering Lab (CSHEL), which seeks to understand the morphodynamic processes of coastal systems. Visit the CSHEL website for more information.


  • Ph.D. Marine Science, Virginia Institute of Marine Studies, College of William and Mary
  • B.S. Geology/Oceanography, Duke University
  • Fulbright University of Sydney
  • Postdoc Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and U.S. Geological Survey


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